Microderm360 PRO Diamond Microdermabrasion Tips Set

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Using new diamond tips for your Microderm360 personal microdermabrasion tools is a wonderful way to insure "like-new" performance, regardless of how many times you've used your Microderm360 PRO or Microderm360. These medical-grade stainless steel diamond replacement tips are perfect for refreshing the effectiveness of your microdermabrasion tool, or sharing the tool with a friend or family member.

This set includes a Large & Small diamond microdermabrasion tip.

Small Diamond Tip: Designed for delicate areas like your face and neck, this diamond microdermabrasion tip works with your Microderm360 tool to help your skin appear younger and more radiant. 

Large Diamond Tip:  Designed for larger, less sensitive areas like the chest, arms, legs and feet, this diamond tip works with your Microderm360 microdermabrasion tool to help exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.